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Use a Daily Planner for Work and Home (Work From Home Part 3)

Benefits of using a daily planner for work and home

Using a daily planner for work and home is your key to success. How does a daily planner help you be successful?  Well, juggling my daughter’s activities, doctors appointments and client schedules can be challenging if I do not write the event times in my planner. I always use my daily planner to keep track of all my schedules, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. 

Most people want to be more productive, but even the most organized of us can get sidetracked. When using apps, thanks to never-ending smartphone notifications you have plenty to sidetrack you.  That’s why some of the best planners come in paper form. Paper planners can help schedule work, us manage our time, check off our to-do lists, and reflect on our wins (as well as mistakes) so that we can be more effective in the future. Sure, your screen is probably still within arm’s reach, but it’s much harder to get distracted by the pings and pop-ups when you’re busy putting pen to paper. And science backs the benefits of analog journals, as Harvard Business Review notes that keeping a work diary can help foster focus and patience, among other desired virtues.

Why use a daily planner for work and home

As a business owner, I realize how powerful the humble planner is key for success as a well-rounded go-getter. And no, being a well-rounded go-getter doesn’t mean being robotically super organized and perfect. 

Imagine having a coherent sense of what you want to accomplish. Set realistic time limits when you use a daily planner for work and home. You will realize if you don’t accomplish a task today, you can reschedule do it another day. A daily planner includes tasks you thought were beyond you, like reading a book a week! Use your  planner to guard against over committing to others, include personal tasks such as exercise, meditation, or a class also. 

Success with a planner doesn’t happen overnight

The secret is that it’s more of a marathon than a sprint. It’s a practice yielding little rewards daily and weekly, and big results over longer periods.

Here are some pointers to help keep a focus on goals without getting caught up in feeling like you’re failing:

  • Through experimentation, you will find the right daily planner for you. If you realize you aren’t happy with the format you have, scratch out categories, or lists, and make your own.
  • Don’t get overambitious: plan for breaks, rest, and the unexpected.

  • Understand that planners are ambitious: not perfect, but approximations that take practice to get right and always flowing.

  • Take small steps: start with planning what you already do, then slowly introduce new activities.

  • Practice predicting how much time different activities take.

  • Create the major activity categories in your life (fitness, social time, work, etc.) and how many of them you want to fit into a day and a week.

  • Slowly introduce larger life goals such as learning new skills, reading, or journaling.

  • Make dates with yourself to check on your planner every day and once a week. These are good moments to make sure your written planner and phone calendar are synced. 

Here’s what to consider as you’re shopping for the best planners

  • Are you looking for a top-level view of your life, or do you need to plan by the hour? Some planners include daily, weekly, and quarterly sections, while others might be more focused on project management and monthly planning.
  • Business vs. personal: Some planners are geared towards entrepreneurs who might want to track multiple goals while personal journals can help you focus on self-growth. There are also notebooks that fuse both approaches by offering designs that encourage you to take stock of what you’re grateful for and where you have room for improvement.
  • Size: Planners come in all sizes, from the standard letter size (8.5 inches by 11 inches) to A5 (5.5 inches by 8.3 inches). The letter size is suitable for those who want plenty of writing space, while the smaller size is an outstanding travel-friendly option.

Here are a few planners I found on Amazon that I like:

  • GoGirl Planner

I love that this one allows you to start in any month you like and keeps you focused, motivated, and organized.  I have used this daily planner for work and home for a couple of years.

  • Smart Planner Pro

I like that this daily planner has a focus on productivity and is key to your success by helping you reach your highest potential.

  • Business Planner for Direct Sales

Are you looking for a planner that keeps track of everything in one place and helps you stay on top of your business?  I like this one because everything can be tracked in one place. 

  • She Believed She Could So She Did Planner for Direct Sales

I love this one, it is so much more than a planner.  You can also track your social media posts, friends and so much more!

And to make your planner fun, there is an array of stickers of every kind to customize so it is perfect for you! Here are some of my favorites!

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