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Think about your team currently, if you have one. Are they thriving, surviving or quitting? 

I can’t tell you how much I hate it when I hear a team leader telling their upline “Go talk to more people!” as a way to motivate or inspire them. That does absolutely nothing to either motivate or inspire. This approach may lead to success if the recruit is an extrovert who loves reaching out and connecting with people, but it’s not a great approach for everyone. 

Introverts can achieve fantastic success at direct sales, but they will not pound the pavement desperately looking for recruits. They will not approach someone at a coffee shop, they will not talk about their business at work, and the will not even attend marketing events. Their approach is different and your training has to adjust to that. Let me say that again… YOUR TRAINING has to adjust. It’s not on the recruit to try to change their personality to match how you want to train them. It’s the responsibility of the team leader to adjust their training so that everyone on the team is able to learn to do things in a way that feels authentic and genuine to them. 

The problem is, so many team leaders were told the same things, they just aren’t aware of any other ways to teach their recruits. The simple fact is that most people who start in direct marketing will eventually quit. One of the most common reasons for that is “nobody helped me”. These people invested in the business, and then they’re left on their own or given generic “one size fits all” training that does not suit their personality or experience. 

Let’s say you’ve been working the “go talk to more people” and “sponsor five people and teach one to sponsor five… “ approach. Let’s say it’s working to some extent. 

You get a new, off the street, fresh to direct sales recruit. They know nothing about marketing and even less about direct sales. They just like the idea of making money from home. You’ve sold them on the opportunity, they think it looks doable, but now they have some expectations. They expect to be guided, not left to swim or drown on their own. They don’t know anything about sales, have limited computer experience, but really don’t feel comfortable bugging friends and family. They don’t think they’re good at sales, but really like the idea of having enough money to quit their day job. They expect to be taught how. 

So, before you keep reading… how are you going to do that? What is your process for helping this person get off to a strong start and then continue to successfully build? 

The answer is by having a system of progressive education in place. This is where you offer the most value to your team. You educate and empower them and they’ll be wildly successful. 

On a daily basis, you need to educate your team in two critical systems: 

  • Knowledge – Learning about the business including the business model and compensation plan, the direct sales industry, the products you sell, and who your target market is (again… it is NOT everybody)
  • Action – how you build the business, including prospecting, selling marketing, recruiting, duplicating and training. This is where your personalized training approach really pays off. 

In a perfect world, both systems would be the same. What a recruit learns is what they do. But since people are all different, it doesn’t work this way. 

You can immerse yourself in knowledge by reading, listening, taking classes, but not everything you read, hear or learn will become part of your daily operating system. This is because each one of us is unique and we have different preferred methods of doing some things. 

A one size fits all approach to new recruit training is not effective. As an effective leader, you have to target your training to the individual. 

A good leader may need to: 

  • Help certain people with their attitude towards selling 
  • Change a recruit’s opinion of direct sales 
  • Help someone create their elevator pitch
  • Build the confidence and self-esteem of a shy recruit
  • Guide someone in creating great social media ads
  • Boost team members self-esteem and help them overcome their income ceiling
  • Help a recruit earn how to outsource tasks they aren’t good at

Basically, every new recruit needs to know where to find prospects, what to say to them and how to say effectively. 

Once their prospect says yes, each recruit needs the knowledge and skills to successfully build their business or to duplicate exactly what you did to help thrive

  • They need to upgrade their mindset about success, selling, MLM, talking to people, wealth and potential
  • They need to learn all about the direct sales industry, and how to dispel all the myths about it 
  • They need to learn the “how” of the business, finding prospects, presenting the opportunity, and most importantly, closing the sale. 
  • They need to learn how to duplicate what you have taught them, so they become value-driven sponsors whose primary mission is to enrich the lives of others. 

This kind of education takes time and effort and it takes time away from your own daily business building strategies, but if you’re bringing people into the business, you don’t have a choice here. You have to give them the training and assistance to be as successful as possible. 

The reality is that to give recruits – and yourself- the best chance of success in network marketing, you need to teach. You need a simple and systematic method of progressive education to support every team member, including teaching them how to teach their own recruits.

You are giving immense value to your team when you take the time and effort to educate and support them. This is how you become a team leader others are happy to follow. How successful can you become by using a system of progressive educations? Results will vary, of course, but I can guarantee you will be a lot more successful than someone who uses the “go talk to more people and recruit five and teach one how to recruit five” approach! 

In fact, if you’re not using a system of progressive education, you should expect most of your recruits to quit the moment they run into any resistance. 

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