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A couple of weeks ago, I was feeling pretty sorry for myself. With the Covid19 going around, I’m in isolation at home because of a weakened immune system. Which means my 16 year old daughter is also. She’s struggling with that. Online school all day, not seeing her friends, not being able to go out and do anything… it’s rough on a kid. My dad also lives with us. He’s used to being able to go run around here and there, doesn’t usually stay home all day. But he’s stuck at home too.

Then, I got sick. Pneumonia. Lots of meds and back on oxygen. Felt really crappy to be honest. Too fatigued to get much done. The self-pity was going strong for a bit.

I got to thinking then. I was looking at the big picture of everything. Not only what was going on in my life, with my dad, my daughter, my health… but also the country and the world. So much controversy with how this pandemic has been handled, the economy, so many out of work and struggling. The big picture was looking pretty scary.

I came across an article about gratitude. And resisted it a bit, thinking what in the world do I have to be thankful for right now??? Remember, pity-party was still in full effect at this time! The article talked about finding the little things. So I made a point to start trying to find the very small things in my life I was grateful for.

And then my cat jumped on my lap and gave me a hug. He’s very aggressive about his hugs. Doesn’t matter if I want one or not, if he does, he’ll push me backwards until he can sit on my lap, with his front paws around my neck and nuzzle me aggressively. That right there  is something to be thankful for. I love my cats and love how he demands that specific type of attention.

And then my helper came over. She comes every day to help me with the house, the cooking, whatever I need. She’s pretty amazing. She cooked dinner, cleaned up and even gave my daughter some great advice. She goes above and beyond anything that is expected of her and I’m not sure what I’d do without her at this point. That is definitely something to be thankful for.

Then my partner in my business took over a few things that I had on my list so that I wouldn’t have to do them. Now she also works a full time job, and works with me when she’s off. So she has a lot on her plate, too. But she wanted to help me out. She always wants to help me out. She’s beyond fantastic, I can’t say enough about how wonderful she is and how much she’s helped me grow my company. So I found more to be thankful for.

What I discovered is that we can get so busy looking at the big picture…. And let’s face it, the world has gone a bit crazy and the big picture is a bit scary right now… that we forget about the little things. And there are things happening each and every day that we can be thankful for. You just have to notice them.

I read about getting into the habit of gratitude and the main thing was a journal. So I started looking up journals and just couldn’t quite find one I really liked. So what did I do? I made one. Set it up just the way I’d like it. And I did it specifically with direct sales consultants in mind. It has more than just journal prompts to get you thinking… it has information on the benefits of gratitude, what to do when it’s hard to find things to be grateful for, gratitude exercises to get you in the habit of practicing it, beautiful quotes about gratitude, and even a list of resources to help you learn more and keep up the practice.

Personally, I love the journal (not just because I wrote it!). I think it’s a perfect way to help you focus on those small things that bring you joy and make you grateful.

We have a PDF Printable version of the journal that you can download immediately after purchase, and we also are running a pre-sale for the Paperback Printed version. It will ship on June 10 or before. It will be on sale until then, then the price goes up a bit.

Check it out. I think you’ll love it as much as I do!




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