Avoid Distractions (Work From Home Part 4)

When you work from home, distractions are everywhere. Netflix is always available, you have easy access to your refrigerator, and your bed is close by. Combined, these distractions can make it really tough to get things done. the more you can avoid distractions, the more productive you’ll be.

So how can you minimize the number of distractions you experience?

Know Yourself

Most distractions come from inside yourself. You get bored, hungry or tired and your mind wanders. If you know when these kinds of distractions tend to arise, you can plan accordingly.

For example, if you get hungry each morning around the same time, have a snack ready. If your energy starts to flag in the afternoon, schedule a walk.

When you anticipate your distractions in advance, you can come up with ways to effectively combat them.

Shut Things Down

As wonderful and technology is, there are times when it becomes too much. An overabundance of incoming emails, messages, texts and phone calls can make it very difficult to focus. Sometimes the best solution is to shut all of these things down for set periods of time. This helps you to avoid distractions from all the communications coming in.

Consider only checking your texts, messages and emails at set times during the day. Rather than having your inbox constantly open, only check and respond to emails for 20 minute at the beginning and end of each work day.

Instead of being constantly distracted by new messages, you can have extended times of focus.

Block Distracting Websites

There are a million time-wasting distractions online. With just a few clicks, you can read the news, watch YouTube videos, check your social media feeds, explore Reddit, and a thousand other things. Even the most self-controlled person can find themselves tempted.

One of the most effective solutions is to simply block all the websites that tend to suck you in. Physically prevent yourself from wasting time. There are a number of apps that will prevent you from accessing sites you specify:

  • FREEDOM — Social media, shopping, videos, games…​these apps and websites are scienti­fically engineered to keep you hooked and coming back. The cost to your productivity, ability to focus, and general well-being can be staggering. Freedom gives you control.
  • RESCUE TIME — See exactly where your time goes, block your worst distractions, and get powerful reports and tools to improve every aspect of your day.
  • OFF TIME — The OFFTIME team has created many many years of disconnected time and our wish is to create many more. Download OFFTIME app and recover what your phone has taken from you. Time doesn’t come back!
  • FLIPD — Flipd helps you spend your time well. Whether to prep for an exam or examine your thoughts, Flipd is there for all of life’s mindful moments, big and small.

In a senses, these apps force you to be productive Because you don’t have the option of browsing the Internet, you’re pushed to do things that matter to your business.

Work During Peak Times

There are certain times of the day when you’re more energized, focused, and productive. Maybe it’s first thing in the morning or when you come back from lunch. Maybe it’s toward the end of the day. During these times, you have more willpower and are better at avoiding distractions.

As much as possible, use your peak periods for your most important work. Don’t waste these times on things like email, which you can do even when your brain is tired.

Nobody sprints through their work from morning to evening — your motivation will naturally ebb and flow throughout the day. When you’re working from home, however, it’s all the more important to know when those ebbs and flows will take place and plan your schedule around it.

To capitalize on your most productive periods, save your harder tasks for when you know you’ll be in the right headspace for them. Use slower points of the day to knock out easier, logistical tasks that are also on your plate.

Erick Devaney, writing for HubSpot

If you work on your most important tasks during your best times in the day, you’ll find yourself much more productive.

If you’re looking for a more individualized approach to managing your time, sign up for a Time Management session today!

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