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If you are really serious about making your direct sales business your priority and reaching a high level in your company, then each and every day, you should be doing something to move your business towards your goals. Sometimes it’s hard to identify what exactly are the income producing activities that you should be doing, versus the busy work. I’m going to give you a list of activities that, if you do them consistently each day, will move you towards your goal. 


Contact Existing Clients for Follow-Up

Commit to a regularly scheduled follow up call (this is where a CRM comes in handy!), email or visit in person with each client. Your goal is to be certain they are still satisfied with the product, to determine if they need to place another order or if they’d be interested in trying additional products and to ask who they’ve told about their experience with the product. If they’re telling others about their positive experiences, they may be a prospect to join the business. They also may have referrals for you.


Make Calls To Potential Clients

Come up with a short message about the benefits of your products that would make someone want to try them or learn more. If you reach them in person, be prepared to ask when they would like to get together so they can see (and try) the products for themselves. If you reach voicemail, just leave a message. If you don’t hear back from them in 48 hours, try again at a different time of day. 


Identify New Potential Customers

Think of the different groups of people you know. In each group, there is likely to be at least one person who is in your target market. This is the same in Facebook groups. Find out where your target market hangs out and be actively engaging in those groups. 


Schedule Bookings

Whether it’s one on one meetings, online or in-home parties, or business presentations, this is one of the most important activities. This is where you make your money. Get a commitment on a day/time from your client and be sure to send out a confirmation email with all the details. 


Distribute Product Information

Carry your product information with you everywhere you go. You never know when you’ll encounter a potential client! Always be ready to leave something in the hands of those you talk with and ask for their contact information. Send them a quick follow up message later that day and thank them for stopping to speak with you. 


Prepare For Your Next Booking

Make sure that you’re ready for your next booking. If it’s a business presentation, make sure to practice your presentation. You want it to go smoothly and look professional, so you want to make sure you know your presentation well. If it’s an in-home party, make sure that you have all your supplies, samples, products and forms ready to go. You don’t want to announce a game and then discover you left the supplies for it at home. If it’s an online party, make sure you have all your posts ready! 


Handle Your Bookings

Whether it’s a party, business presentation or meeting, make sure that you are on time, prepared and professional. This is the fun part. This is where we get to show off our products and our business opportunity. This is where we make sales and get recruits. Makes sure that your excitement and passion for your business comes through! 


Close New Clients

Get the sales finalized, get the recruit onboarding done… whatever it is that needs to happen to finalize everything. You don’t get paid until this is done, so stay on top of all the moving parts here. 


Send Thank You Notes

A lot of consultants I’ve talked to see this as “busy work”. It’s not. Develop a habit of sending thank you notes to everyone you meet and talk with. This means more to people than you think and it will bring you more sales in the future. By the way… these thank you notes should be hand-written and mailed. No emails, no texts, no messaging. Sit down, write out a card or note and put it in the mail. 


Attend Company Training

While you can’t attend live training every day, you can make sure that you’re at every team meeting and training you can be. And when there isn’t a live training going on, check your back office for training videos or ask your upline to point you towards some good ones. Every day, you should be developing your sales skills and learning more about your company, the opportunity, and the products. 


How many of these activities are you doing each day? Are there any that you would add to the list?

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